The Art of Luxury Retail Marketing With VBJ

Design Foundry offers comprehensive communication across platforms for luxury brands. Campaigns span print, outdoor, digital, in-store visual and direct marketing activations.

Frombranding to photography to online, offline and other below the line initiatives, we became the singular point of strategy, consulting and creatives.

VBJ necklace

Crafting a one-of-a-kind identity design for signature collections

For luxury is in the detailing, be it photography,
art direction or the content that defines it.

Product Launch films that celebrate the drama and brilliance of jewellery

Catalogues that unfold stories which don’t just sell products but build loyalists.

Product catalogues are curated with rich imagery that is lush with details. Large-sized formats, striking verses blend to craft a story on each collection for the brand.

Microsite with a human-centred design that is simple but stunning

The microsite is an ode to the brand’s craftsmanship, the beauty it celebrates and how that translates into the evocative elegance of its adornments. Filled with rich media and beautiful imagery, the website is a visual treat for the buyer. Each transition flits from scene to scene tracking the journey of the collection and lending its an alluring wearability that helps the wearer imagine the jewellery experience.

Campaign design that you can’t take your eyes off

Dalia print campaign Dalia print campaign Dalia print campaign

The print campaigns were treated with a minimalist aesthetic. Each ad showcased the product in a manner that was unhindered with complexities; be it in the copy or the creative ornamentations and motifs. The mnemonic and image were framed elegantly within the white expanse of paper to draw in the viewer’s attention towards the jewellery and its impressive craftsmanship.

Dalia print campaign Dalia print campaign Dalia print campaign
Dalia bus shelter

Building Excitement With Ingenuity in Packaging Design

VBJ sleeve