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The Fisher of Perch

A critically acclaimed poetry book by Tanya Mendonsa

The Fisher Of Perch - A fable for our times

is a single long poem by critically acclaimed poet Tanya Mendonsa. Both an exploration of and a hymn to the mysteries and consolations of living in the embrace of the natural world, it has made Mendonsa herself evolve as a poet who begins to find new ways of seeing.

The Fisher of Perch front cover, designed by Design Foundry
Product details Hardcover
Publisher Paper Project - An Imprint of Design Foundry (2018)
ISBN-10 8193670701
Book Dimensions 22 x 15.8 x 1.3 cm
The Fisher of Perch inner page with illustration of dear in a forest at night, by Design Foundry The Fisher of Perch back cover featuring testimonials, designed by Design Foundry.

The book was designed to channel the magical alterity of Tanya’s writing, with lilting rivers, blue mountains and deep ravines ensconced under the winter sun or asleep under the shy stars on the inky blue night sky.

Each digitally hand-drawn illustration was meticulously composed and layered to let the readers embark on an immersive journey, within the confines of their mind.

The entire book was curated in a two-colour print and aligned with the author’s verse to infuse an austere tenderness. A special blue ink was compounded to reflect the unique hue of the Nilgiri hills.

Each illustration, though minimalist, was meticulously layered to accent the depth of the composition. With ingenuity, each page was crafted to be whimsical yet soulful, with customised icons and digitally hand-drawn illustrations that support the visceral verses.

An illustration of a man on a raft in a river, by Design Foundry, from The Fisher of Perch book.
An illustration of a lily pond with fishes, by Design Foundry, from The Fisher of Perch book.
An illustration of a house on a hill, by Design Foundry, from The Fisher of Perch book.

"Tanya Mendonsa’s work is deeply rooted in…. a magical corner of a storied land"

– Amitav Ghosh

"The Fisher of Perch is an intense and beautifully controlled meditation on issues that matter"

– Adil Jussawalla

"Tanya Mendonsa’s The Fisher of Perch: A Fable For Our Times is a delicious long poem that you will want to savour word by word."

- The Hindu

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"Tanya Mendonsa’s Poetry: In the lap of solitude and water"

- DT Next

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"Delight and deliverance… the pristine ambience of the blue Nilgiris in India where the poet resides is a catalytic presence to her journey back into Edenic innocence"

– The Tribune

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"…what struck me before I read even a word is the gorgeousness of the slim book. The illustrations are exquisite, white sparrows, rafts, butterflies and flowers against deep dark blue backgrounds to separate the poem into sections."

– Deepa Bhasthi

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"Sublime poetry with stunning metaphors"

- Deccan Chronicle

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"Poet, writer, and artist Tanya Mendonsa speaks of healing and discovery in her latest work"

– Daily Hunt

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Bookmark mockup featuring illustrations of The Fisher of Perch book by Design Foundry

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The Fisher Of Perch - A Fable For Our Times.
A poem by Tanya Mendonsa

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