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Art Director

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Location : Chennai

Design Foundry is looking for dynamic graphic designers to join our growing team. If you are a young gun who has a passion for design, then we have the dream job for you.


  • Connect the dots between what the client wants and the market needs with a great idea and scale the idea to its maximum potential with compelling designs.
  • Be a design specialist, a team player, a gif sharer, a trend spotter, a culture watcher and a teacher.

Additional qualifications required:

  • Degree in Visual Communication/ Visual Arts/ Design.
  • 5+ years of design experience in an ad/ design agency.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • A fascination for colour theory.
  • Master of Adobe and other design software.
  • Fan of Macintosh operating platforms.
  • Visual storyteller.


    About Design Foundry®

    We are an independently-owned design and integrated marketing agency based in Chennai, India.

    With our small, tight-knit team and an adaptable work style, we bring multi-disciplinary creative thinking to strategy, design and marketing. We do it with high-quality content, graphics, film, animation, technology and ingenuity.

    We believe in calibrating design and strategy to create experiences that solve compelling problems for brands. We do it with research-based design, astute content and bind it in ideas of inclusivity that embraces everyone.

    Our history

    The seed of our organisation grew amidst an urgent need to revive design as an artful craft and strategic skill, one that is elemental to a brand’s birth and growth. We wanted to empower brands to move beyond trends or templates and let design unleash their authentic voice, stimulate its communities and amplify its story.